personal statement

Pumphouse Museum

My art starts from a fascination with the human form – how we communicate using our bodies and how we project our own experiences and expectations onto each other. I am also interested in the relational experience of making and viewing art, explored in the siting of work in a variety of public settings.

I have successfully developed a series of public works that explore our subtle and complex human interactions. Channelling the intensity of apparently passive or non-experiences, “Sitting Around” and “Waiting” riff on themes of social time and space.

In selecting sites, the pieces were placed in spaces where passers-by both wait and return to, and so have time to consider the pieces without consciously making time to do so. In that environment, as well as questioning the values of idleness and possession of space, the works can playfully engage an audience in the real and imagined social dance with art and each other.

Recently I have been exploring more interactive ways of engaging an audience and solidifying social relationships. The Data works are the beginnings of a project dealing with the power relationships involved in measuring people.